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Sangfor Elsa Posted 20 Jul 2018 16:35

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Hello visitors!

Remember every time you browse in a forum and want to participate in by either posting a topic, commenting on an interesting thread or downloading the documents you need, but it always requires registration and login?

Well, on Sangfor Community, this is not a question any more. You can POST, REPLY and DOWNLOAD without login!

发帖1.png How to post

1.    Click on the Post icon on the navigation bar whenever you want to ask questions on the community.
2.    Select Question Topic.
(Guest can post Question Topic only. For Sharing, Discussion and Suggestion topics, registration and login are still needed.)
3.    Fill in your email and name, your post title, select category and describe your questions in the text box.
4.    Click Post to create.

回复1.png How to reply  

1.    Move to the Reply area of a post.
2.    Fill in your email and name.
3.    Share your opinions in the text box.
4.    Click Submit to reply.

下载1.png How to download

1.    Go to Resources.
2.    Open the desired documentation page.
3.    Click on the file to download.

Sangfor is dedicated to provide the most efficient and convenient methods for customers getting their problems solved. That is why we launched this Guest Access function to reduce customers efforts and time to get technical support. By sharing us with your email and name, no more extra steps, you can ask any technical questions as you want!

Besides Post, Reply and Download features, partner-only self-service functions and coins rewards are available to registered members and partners.

用户类型-01.png Registered Member

You will get coins rewards for almost every behavior you have on the community, including but not limited to posting, replying, downloading, giving likes, rating an article, etc.
(Coins can later be used to redeem gift in Store)

With registered emails, you can subscribe sub-forums that interest you most, and receive new replies of your posts, as well as cutting-edge technical information sharings.

用户类型-03.png VIP Member

By submitting your Sangfor product Serial Number in Profile > Membership, you will be verified as Sangfor End Unit User (VIP Member), and besides all the rights of a registered member, VIP Member will get double coins rewards!

用户类型-02.png Partner

By submitting your mobile number and company name in Profile > Partnership, your partnership with Sangfor can be verified on the community.

A Partner-exclusive sub-forum in Resources with massive technical and sales support materials is available on the community to help partners better service end users and explore more opportunities to achieve success.

Partners can also apply for training, trial license and register for certificate exams and experiments in Self-Service.
Kind Reminder: more self-service functions will be launched later.

Enjoy your exploration on Sangfor Community.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you may contact us by:
• Live Chat

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ChrisB Lv2Posted 12 May 2020 16:40
Noted on the Post, Reply and Download at Anytime.