# Configuration Guide# How to Block Facebook via A Custom URL

RegiBoy Lv5Posted 22 Aug 2022 16:47

# Configuration Guide# How to Block Facebook via A Custom URL
*Product: NGAF
*Version: 8.0.17


*1. Introduction
1.1 Scenario
Block FB by WebFiltering in Sangfor NGAF in participation of Sangfor HCI

1.2 Requirements
1. The user's network has HCI and NGAFdevices.
2. It is required to ensure the twodevice's network connectivity between them is normal.

*2. Configuration Guide
We will have the networksegment for HCI and NGAF as the Internet gateway in this example.

2.1 NGAF Configuration
Step1: Login to NGAF. Go to Objects > Open Content Indentification Database > choose URL Database > Click Add.


In Add URL Category window:
Name: Enter name. Ex: BlockFacebook
URL: Enter www.facebook and *.facebook.
URL Keyword: Enter facebook.com
Click OK

Step 2: Go to Object > Security Policy Template > choose Content Security. Click Add.

In New windows:
  • Name: Enter name.
  • Schedule: choose Work time (You can set in Object > Schedule > RecurringSchedule).
  • Click URL Filter and click icon PC.


URL Database: scroll down and choose Category is BlockFacebook, which you have create.
You can use the Search tool or choose the Categories in the URL Databasebelow that match the policy you want.
Click OK.

After set up all parameter. Click Ok.

Step 3: Go to Policies > Network Security >Policies. Click Add > choose Policy for Internet Access Scenario.

In Add IP Group windows:
  • Name: Enter Name
  • Soucre: Choose Zone is LAN / Network Object choose LAN IP Group (You can create Network Object in Object tab > Network Object).
  • Destination: Choose Zone is WAN / Network Object choose All.
  • Click Next.


In Protection tab: click choose Content Security and scroll down select BlockFB, which you have create.
Action: set Deny.
Click Next and Ok.

Step 4: Result
User can’t access to facebook site.

*3. Precaution
1. During deployment,the communication between the  SangforHCI and Sangfor NGAF is establish and can the devices under HCI can ping thegateway (Sangfor NGAF)

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