Issue #3 of Interview with Premium Content Creator @Vincent Anthony Diaz

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 17 Aug 2022 10:43

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In this interview, we present you to Vincent Anthony Diaz, who is a System Engineer. You can find him in the Community @jetjetd who has posted lots of configuration guides about Sangfor devices. We are glad to be able to show you some useful experience and we invite you to read more below:

5395599_30px.png : How long have you been in the Community? Which section of the Community is your favorite?

1177454_30px.png : I’ve been in the community for 2 years. My favorite section is the Forum section because you can learn many things from your fellow members. At thesame time, you can also share your knowledge and experience with them.


5395599_30px.png : Can you describe your work in detail?

1177454_30px.png : I’m a Systems Engineer and we provide our clients with different ITsolutions that can help and addretheeir different issues they are encountering.


5395599_30px.png : I see that most of the articles you shared are technical configurationguides. Do you usually have the habit of analyzing problems and summarizingthem?

1177454_30px.png : The majority of mycontent is configuration guides. This is not new to me since I’ve been doingthis also to our client after our implementation.


5395599_30px.png : What do you think is the biggest difficulty when writing a configurationguide? How do you overcome it?

1177454_30px.png : When you enjoy what youare doing and your intention is to help, I think it would not be difficult foryou.


5395599_30px.png : Do you have any good experience in configuration guide writing that youcan share with other newbies?

1177454_30px.png :I think the most important thing is perseverance and your will to help peoplewith your writing. Another one is being resourceful, google is always there foryou remember that. Also, try to reach out to some seniors and ask for some helpand advice because I’m sure they can help you since they already had moreexperience that they can share with you.


5395599_30px.png : Do you have any advice or suggestions on the “Content Creator Program”?

1177454_30px.png : I notice that there are only a few members of thecommunity who are participating in the content creation. I think this is due toa tight schedule because the majority of our community members have full-timework and it really requires some dedication to create content and share it withour community members.

I would like to increase the coins that will begiven to the “Top 3 Content Creators of the Month” to inspiresome more members to join in this content creation program. 5,000 coins for top1, 3000 coins for top 2, and lastly 2,000 coins for the top 3.

Another one maybe at the end of the year is to awardthe “Top 3 Content Creators of the Year” with some gadgets from thestore that you think they deserve depending on their rank, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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Join this interview will reward you:
  • 2000 coins
  • Personal Branding (Premium Character Interview)
  • Get achance to be displayed in “Hall of Fame”
  • Spreading your articles


If you are interested in having this important role in our Community, you can search “Content Creator Program” in Community to join us.



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Maxon Lv1Posted 25 Aug 2022 10:15
jetjetd  is my role model !
Maxon Lv1Posted 25 Aug 2022 10:16
jetjetd  really help a lot in the community and i learn a lot from him.
Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 25 Aug 2022 12:07
Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your great help and support.

jetjetd Lv5Posted 31 Aug 2022 15:37
Last edited by jetjetd 31 Aug 2022 15:41.

I've been waiting for this post!!!
Thank you very much! It's an honor to be featured in the community!
Thanks @Sangfor Jojo for this opportunity!
Zonger Lv4Posted 17 Oct 2022 14:04
thanks for your support and efforts
Faisal P Posted 02 Nov 2022 20:35
Thank you very much for the information ...
Faisal P Posted 02 Nov 2022 20:35
Nice article ...
Faisal P Posted 02 Nov 2022 20:35
Great info …
Faisal P Posted 02 Nov 2022 20:36
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