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In this interview, we present you to Noman Rajput, who is a System Support Engineer. You can find him in the Community @NomanRajput. We are glad to be able to show you some useful experience and we invite you to read more below:

5395599_30px.png :How long have you been in the Community? Which section of the Community is your favorite?

1177454_30px.png : I Joined Sangfor Community on 31 May 2022 which becomes almost 2.5 months. Usually, I love to work in Hands-On Labs but I can also write an article about user experience, configuration guides, and troubleshooting cases.

5395599_30px.png : Can you describe your work in detail?

1177454_30px.png : I completed my bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems in 2011 and started working in Network and Security field for 2 years as System Support Engineer.

In 2014, I got an opportunity to work as a Network Engineer on the Establishment of TIER-III Certified Data Center where I have worked on multiple domains such as Cisco UCS Rack and Blade Servers, HP Rack and Blade Servers, EMC, IBM, and HP Storages, Cisco and Sonic Wall NGFW, Routing & Switching and Data Center Passive equipment management as well.

Presently, I am Working as Assistant Director IT (Data Center Operations) since 2018  where I am working on Data Center operations including Physical Servers management, Vmware virtualization infrastructure management, Systems Security (WAF), Email Security Gateway (ESG), Storage Systems (SAN) and Data Center Passive equipment as well. Secondly, I am also leading new projects related to virtualization, System Administration, and System Security in which my task is to do the POCs of new products and compare and evaluate the best product that suits our environment.


5395599_30px.png : What do you think is the biggest difficulty when writing a troubleshooting case?
How do you overcome it?

1177454_30px.png : The biggest difficulty when writing atroubleshooting case is to have the proper visibility of that equipment which can be overcome to launch Hands-on Labs so that an Engineer can access that lab and perform the troubleshooting before writing a solution.


5395599_30px.png : Do you have any good experience in troubleshooting case writing that you can share with other newbies?

1177454_30px.png : I have lots of troubleshooting case studies to share with newbies but here I am sharing one interesting case as below:
In 2015, I have given a task to connect Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Chassis to EMC Storage 5400, As per my understanding storage will have to connect with the MDS SAN switch. All the Zones need to create on San Switch then the host connectivity will be established and the Luns have to populate on blade chassis. But unfortunately, I have not provided the MDS SAN switch so instead of waiting for the SAN switch I have explored some articles and found a clue that I can connect the SAN with the blade chassis without the MDS SAN switch because Cisco fabric Inter connects have the provisions to connect storage with the help of local zoning. So In that case I have successfully connected SAN with blade chassis without MDS SAN switch.  


5395599_30px.png : Do you have any advice/suggestions on the “Content Creator Program”?

1177454_30px.png : Sangfor has a great platform for the Content Creator Program. I am very much impressed by this program. One thing that should be added is to add more attractive gifts on low coins which can be an attractive point of interest for engineers.

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If you have posted a featured article or more than three original articles such as configuration guides or troubleshooting cases about Sangfor devices, welcome to apply for this interview.

stars.png Join this interview will reward you:
  • 2000 coins
  • Personal Branding (Premium Character Interview)
  • Get achance to be displayed in “Hall of Fame”
  • Spreading your articles

If you are interested in having this important role in our Community, you can search “Content Creator Program” in Community to join us.



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