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Rhebie Lv3Posted 09 Aug 2022 08:28

Last edited by Rhebie 09 Aug 2022 08:36.

Hi Sangfor, can you please include a Mechanical Keyboard in the store. This will help in our daily office routine ... -s10377979770.html?

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Detz Lv2Posted 09 Aug 2022 08:45
Cool suggestion.... while clickety clackety sound is a bit noisy I would like to suggest the CORSAIR CH-9109010-NA K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for this line up.

A good use case for the keyboards, They're more robust than that of the built-in one. And some people needs numpad keys also they can configure/macros .
RegiBoy Lv4Posted 09 Aug 2022 09:00
Its a good suggestion for gaming and work uses.
Karla Hong Posted 11 Aug 2022 16:17
Hello Rhebie , thanks for your suggestion. We are looking forward to seeing more of your sharing. Coins have been sent to you for your sharing. Please check it in the community system message.
jetjetd Lv5Posted 12 Aug 2022 13:41
Corsair and Razer are good brands for mechanical keyboards.

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