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HWSD Lv1Posted 06 Aug 2022 00:28

I'm using standard backup on HCI.

I have a primary NAS with HCI sheduled backup policy and secondary NAS, NFS storage, that I use as a sort of offgrid backup.

Periodically I turn on the secondary nas and manually I launch a backup for each VM on the related datastore.
To ensure VM disk consistency I turn off the VM, I execute backup and after I turn on the VM.
During the backup operation is not possible to tur on the VM, so the VM may say off for a long time.

I have another Hypervisor, not SF, for testing purpose. To do the same type of backup I do these steps:

- Turn off VM
- LVM Snaphot on volume with VMs files (that's almost instantaneous)
- Turn on the VM
- Mount in read only the LVM snaphot
- Execute my backup tast
- Unmount and remove LVM snaphot

In this way I can run a long backup task but the VM stay off for a very little more time than a normal reboot.

It will be very nice to have such behavior on HCI.
It could be easy to to:

- Turn off VM
- Take a storage based snapshot from VM details page
- Turn on VM
- Lauch backup task of just taken snaphost
- Remove snaphost when backup task finish

The only feature missing on HCI to do these steps is the possibility to execute a backup of a snapshot.

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Karla Hong Posted 06 Aug 2022 10:21
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HWSD Lv1Posted 10 Aug 2022 05:38