Include Nintendo Switch OLED Rewards in the Store

jetjetd Lv4Posted 05 Aug 2022 21:57

Last edited by jetjetd 06 Aug 2022 15:11.

Hi Sangfor Community, I notice in the store you have some rewards to some gamers out there that is why you added the Sony PS5 which requires a lot of hicoins to get. Can you also add the Nintendo Switch OLed as an option for lesser hicoins please. As for me playing video games is one of activity to help me relax if I don't have work. I hope you consider my suggestion. Thank you very much. Please see below links of the said reward. ... ng.3.55323e17TzDCIv

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Karla Hong Posted 06 Aug 2022 10:30
Hi jetjetd!Thank you for your suggestion of the product, unfortunately we can't get the purchase permission of Shopee. You can get the same link from the Lazada website and send it to us. Thank you for your cooperation and advice!
Karla Hong Posted 06 Aug 2022 10:34
We are looking forward to seeing more of your sharing. Coins have been sent to you for your sharing. Please check it in the community system message.
Pat Lv3Posted 07 Aug 2022 15:07
This is gift is a great idea! Hope this will be put in the store soon!