Join Lucky Draw Game and Be the Luckiest!

Karla Hong Posted 15 Jul 2022 10:03

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Dear member,
I’m glad to announce that we are bringing the Lucky Draw event back now. It is easy for everyone to win coins. Login to Sangfor Community every day and join us in this lucky draw!
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[Event Duration]
Jul 15 - Dec 31, 2022

[Event Rewards]
You will win different amounts of gold coins, from 88 coins to 1000 coins, which depends on your luck!

[Event Rules]
1. Every day you can have one chance to draw a prize.
2. 50 coins will be reduced from your account for each draw.
3. The coin reward will be automatically sent to your account. You can check it in the community system message.
4. It is forbidden to usesoftware problems or system bugs to get massive coins.We expect you to enjoy your rights while following the rules in the Community.
5. If there are data errorsor abnormal user rights including points, coins, badges, or gift redemption caused by system bugs or software problems, SangforCommunity will block the user’s account which violates the rules for threemonths and has the rightto fix the data errors andadjust the abnormal rights.


Just need to click the “Go” button and wait for the surprise.


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isabelita002 Lv3Posted 15 Jul 2022 10:38
Wow this can help us to collect more coins. Thank you Sanfor Team
jetjetd Lv5Posted 15 Jul 2022 12:53
thank you Sangfor community
Noviyanto Lv3Posted 15 Jul 2022 16:08
Can only once a day or can be more?
Shiraz Ali Lv2Posted 15 Jul 2022 17:43
Thank you for the Sangfor community!
Dominic Hendro Lv4Posted 15 Jul 2022 18:28
Wow Thank you Sangfor Community
Faisal P Posted 15 Jul 2022 18:31
Thank you very much Sangfor Community, my coins increase even more with this Lucky Draw Game program.
Pat Lv4Posted 16 Jul 2022 08:22
Thank you for this sangfor team!
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 17 Jul 2022 17:15
Thanks Sangfor
Apriyanto Lv5Posted 17 Jul 2022 17:19
thank you sangfor community