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Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 14 Jul 2022 18:04

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Recently some members told me that they are very interested in the “Content Creator Program” but have no idea about what to write. Because it seems difficult to create a configuration article that is different from existing Sangforconfiguration documents.

It goes without saying that sourcing and collecting materials become an important first step for your creation.
There are many ways to find out what you can write, but here I would like to introduce the following two simple and similar ways to help you figure out what to write.


All new functions upgrade packages and release notes will be published on Download Center. This information can be an idea for writing an article like #Usage Sharing, and #Configuration Guides.

  • #UsageSharing: Write user experience including good or bad aspects. Providing some screenshots will make your article more likely to be highlighted.

  • #ConfigurationGuides: Share something about how you use the new functions to solve a problem. Providing some screenshots will make your article more likely to be highlighted.


Every day we can face different kinds of problems and try to track these useful and representative ones via a Form. These questions will be a useful and important material for writing an article like #ToubleshootingCase.


Some of you may worry that it is difficult to remember to track the questions in your life. Here I would like to recommend the “Tiny Habit Recipe” to help you keep a good habit. I am also a beneficiary of this theory.


We provide two kinds of writing templates for configuration guides and troubleshooting cases.

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It will really help us & community to grow.