editable network object from policies.

Faris Khan Lv2Posted 04 Jul 2022 13:57

As yesterday i was replacing NGAF of a customer. He suggested me that it is a struggle to see a policy where users is added and then  add or remove user or IPs from network object. as he has around a 1000 users at a time. and had to do it often. so he made a suggestion that network object should be editable as a pop up. and in that pop up the user should be searchable too. He also mentioned that it was available in the older firmware version ( as i don't know because i am new to sangfor). I upgraded NGAF firmware couple of month ago.

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Steven_PM Lv1Posted 06 Jul 2022 18:04
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Hi Faris,

Thanks for the feedback.

Based on your description and if I understand it correctly.  The issue is about the UI when setup application control. But I think the old and new version is quite similar in policy configuration design, the admin can edit per group/IP/application on a popup window, and the content is searchable.

Here is some screenshot that can explain:


If you have more information, you can share more details with us.


Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 08 Jul 2022 18:41
Farrukh Khatib Lv1Posted 19 Jul 2022 14:21
Good topic