[Ended] Session 2 - Translate Short Cases and Get up to 20000 Coins!

Sangfor Jojo Posted 01 Jul 2022 14:52

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Dear member,
The demand for providing more multilingual troubleshooting cases in Sangfor Support Community is getting stronger and stronger. We are recruiting the persons who:
✔are willing to translate English short troubleshooting cases into one of these languages:  Thai, Bahasa, Italian, French, Türk dili, Español and Korean;
✔want to earn more coins in your spare time;
✔want to create fame and popularity in Community;

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1. EVENT DURATION:  July 1 - July 31, 2022

Note: All the cases you translated must be submitted to jojo.luo@sangfor.com before July 31st.


1). 1000 coins will be awarded for each translated case that is approved. The more you translate, the more rewards you will get.
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2). TOP3 TranslationReward: 1000 coins
The top three users in the number of articles translated in each session will be rewarded 1000 coins.

kindly reminder:
Coins can be redeemed for gifts in Store. If there are no preferred gifts to redeem, welcome to
submit your suggestions to us. An accepted suggestion earns you 100 to 1000 coins.


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Click “LINK” to choose the cases you want to translate and type your UID in the columns.

Here is a quick way to check your UID.

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1). The title should be translated and added with a hyperlink. Click here to download the template.
2). Cases translated by any translation tool will not be approved and awarded.
3). The formatting and layout of your translation must be consistent with the English cases. Otherwise, we will reduce 200-500 coins if the format is not good.
4). Deleting the cases chosen by others is prohibited.
5). All translations should be submitted before the end of each month. If you can’t finish the cases you have chosen, please tell us in advance.
6). Coin reward will be distributed to your account before the 10th of next month via a notification email and can be checked through “Message > System” beside your user name.
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We only accept successful participation in form of inputting your UID in the documents.

Congratulate the following three participants on getting many coins for their contributions.
UsersTranslated ArticlesTotal RewardsRegion
Dominic Hendro28315000Indonesia
Dominic Hendro Lv4Posted 01 Jul 2022 17:32
I have joined Event Translate Case, Jojo.
regidorreyes Lv4Posted 01 Jul 2022 18:33
Why it doesn't have Filipino language to be translated?
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 07 Jul 2022 12:46
ok i will try