#Configuration Guidelines# Sangfor WANO Acceleration Tunnel Configuration Guidelines

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Sangfor WANO Acceleration Tunnel Configuration Guidelines

Product: WANO

Configuration Steps——

Server-Side WANO (HQ)

Step 1.  First Select WAN Optimization and Server. You can add new policy for application according to the protocol, port, and destination IP.

Step 2.  There are two default Policy Group. One that accelerates all protocol while the other focuses on video conference. We can use the commonly used policy, which is the Default for PACC (Speed up all protocols).

Step 3.  Select Users and add new user for branchWANO. This account will be used at branch WANO to build the tunnel. In the client type is WOC and the policy group is set to “Default for PACC”. Click OK when done.

Step 4.  Select System > Network > Click on Local Subnet. Define local subnet IP segment which is not LAN IP segment, and which requires to be accelerated in Local Subnet. Click “OK” when done.

Client-Side WANO (Branch)

Step 5.  Select WAN Optimization > Client. Add new Peer WOC and fill in the username and password which has been created on HQ WANO. After filling up all the needed details, press “OK” when done.

Checking of the connection:
To check the connection, select Status > WAN Optimization.Click on Acceleration Connections to view the acceleration status. By checking,we can tell that the acceleration tunnel has been successfully established by finding “Connected” in the Status.

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