#Installation Guide# Sangfor VDI Report Center Installation

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Sangfor VDI Report Center Installation

Product: VDI



Configuration Steps——

Step 1.  Prepare a Windows Server2012 or above version. After that access Sangfor Community website > click on Self Services and click on “Download” box.

Step 2.  Within Download, choose and click on the VDI product.

Within the VDI, you can choose the version for the VDI package that you want to download.

Step 3.  After selecting your desired version, go tothe VDI and choose the Report Center Sev Install, click on the download icon.
Note: The version for the downloaded report center package must same with VDC and VMP that you used.


Step 4.  After you downloaded the file, you need to unzip it since it was downloaded as a zip file.

Step 5.  Double click the application file and click Next.

Accept the term agreement, Click “Next”.

Click “Install” and wait for the package install.

Once the installation has been completed prompted, click on theClose button.

Step 6.  Check whether the installation is successfulby accessing using the browser in the Windows Server operation system at . You can see the access result below if youhave successfully installed the Report Center.

Login Browser requirements:
·       Chrome42 or above version
·       Firefox18 or above version
·       IE10 or above version
Web UI login address: https://ReportCenterIP
Administrator types:
Account Type
Audit administrator
System administrator


Step 7.  Go back to your Virtual Desktop Controller to configure and connect the Report Center. Login to the VDC WebUI. Go to System> System > Report Center

Step 8.  Tick the “Enable Report Center” box. Fill inthe IP address that you have installed the Report Center and fill in the 443 as this is also the default port.

Step 9.  After that click the “Test Connectivity”button to make sure it will show up that the address is reachable, and access succeeds. After that click on Save button.

Step 10.  After clicking the Save button, the status will change from Error to On.

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