#Deployment Guide# Sangfor NGAF VPN Deployment Guide

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Sangfor NGAF VPN Deployment Guide

Product: NGAF

Basic configurations for establishing a VPNconnection between HQ and branch or mobile are as follows:
1.  HQ: Need to configure webagent, local usersand VPN interface.
2.  Branch: Configure the VPN connections and VPNinterface

Configuration Steps:

In HQ:

Step1.  Go to Network >IPSecVPN > Basics. Set the primary webagent and VPN listening port.
Note: Listening port must be the same as the one set in webagent. Click OK when done.

Step 2.  Next, go to Local Users. Click on “New User” to add user.

Step 3.  A new window screen will pop out and set your username and password for VPN authentication. Select the “Branch user” as user type. When done click the “OK option below.

Step 4.  Check in the “Local Users“ option if the new sangfor that you created has been added.

Step 5.  Go to VPN interface. Add all NGAF LAN interfaces in VPN interface. Click“OK” on the VPN interface option when done to save the config.

Step 6.  Next, go to local subnet. This is where you add your local subnet in your HQ.
Note: You do not need to add NGAF interface subnet to local subnet.
HQ configuration is done.

In Branch:

Step 1.  Go to Network > IPsecVPN > VPN Connections.Click “Add” to add new connection.

Step 2.  A new window will appear and fill in the name, HQ primary agent, username, and password that you just created. After that Click “Save”and click “OK” to save the configuration.

Step 3.  Next, go to VPN interface. Same as HQ, add all NGAF interfaces in VPN interface. After adding click “OK” to save the configuration. Branch configuration is done.

Step 4.  Navigate to Network > IPSecVPN > Status to verify the Sangfor VPN connection. If there is a row in the VPN status it means that the Sangfor VPN has been built successfully.


Step 5.  Click on the username to show more details.

Step 6.  A new window screen will appear showing some details of the VPN connection.

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jetjetd Lv5Posted 03 Jul 2022 01:03
I hope everyone will find my guide useful.
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Another helpful topics in NGAF. Thank you for sharing. This guide will be helpful in our deployment.
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Yeah, This is one of the core configuration in NGAF
Angeline Posted 23 Jul 2022 11:53
May I know is it have version 8.0.47 Sangfor NGAF VPN configuration?
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useful topic
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Thank you very much for the information ...
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