#Configuration Guide# Sangfor NGAF Configuration Bandwidth Management

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Sangfor NGAF Configuration Bandwidth Management

Product: NGAF

Configuration Steps——

Step 1.  Go to Network >Interfaces and Select the WAN interface.

Step 2.  A new window will open and make WAN attribute is ticked for WAN interface.

Step 3.  Next, go to Policies > Bandwidth Management > Line Definition. In Lines, configure the WAN interface as egress interface and fill in the actual bandwidth of the ISP in both outbound and inbound bandwidth. After done settings, click “OK”.

Step 4.  Next, go to Line Policy. Click on add to create a new line policy for the line that just created. Configure the protocol and address for the line policy.

Next is to select the line we just configured as Internet line and click “OK”.

Step 5.  Next, go to Bandwidth Channel. Click “Enable Bandwidth Management System”.

Step 6.  Click on “Add” to add a new bandwidth channel.

Step 7.  A new window will pop up. Name the channel and select the line created in the previous step as target line. In the Channel type, you can configure guaranteed channel, limited channel.

You can also configure per-user max bandwidth.

Step 8.  Next, go to applicable objects. Configure the application, source and destination object and schedule. After done settings,click OK. You can now test and check if the bandwidth limitation you created is working already.

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