#Configuration Guide# Sangfor NGAF Basic Application Control Configuration

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Sangfor NGAF Basic Application Control Configuration

Product: NGAF

Configuration Steps——

Step 1.  First, go to Network > Interfaces > Zone. Make sure that you have configured the corresponding zone for LAN and WAN.

Step 2.  Next, go to Policies > Access Control > Application Control. By default, Sangfor NGAF will have a default deny all policy to block all access.

Step 3.  Click “Add” to add new application policy.

Step 4.  A new window will pop up. Fill in the name, select the source zone, select the network objects for that source zone, select the destination zone and select the network objects for that destination zone.

Step 5.  Select the service or application to be allowed or denied. In options there is a “Allow” or “Deny” that you can select from. There is also a schedule option if you want a scheduling on it. After done settings, click “OK”.

Step 6.  You can now see that the application control that you configured has been added.

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