#Configuration Guide# Sangfor IAM Active-Active High Availability Configuration Guide

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Sangfor IAM Active-Active High Availability Configuration Guide

Product: IAM

Configuration Steps——
High Availability has 2 modes which is active-active and active-standby. In my guide we are going to do the active-active mode.
Note: IAM is in bridge deployment during active-active mode

Step 1.  Login to controllerdevice. Go to System > High Availability. In the High Availability page, it will show you two deployment mode’s detail. We will choose active-active deployment and click the settings button.

Step 2.  Enter the device name, choose the role of the device as controller, and then set the shared secret for nodes device to join high availability and then click “Commit”.

It will require to relogin when you change the High Availability settings.

Step 3.  Login to node device. Go to System > HighAvailability. Choose the active-active deployment mode and click the settings button.

Step 4.  Enter the device name, then choose the role as Node.

Step 5.  On basic settings, set controller host IP, and shared secret

Step 6.  After clicking the commit button, it will prompt to ask you make sure the configuration of node is same with the controller. After you make sure the configuration is consistent, you can check the check box and click on OK button. After that you need to relogin to device.

Step 7.  After login to device, go to System > High Availability to check the High Availability status. Once you confirm that the communication is ok already, you are done with the configuration.

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jetjetd Lv4Posted 03 Jul 2022 00:57
I hope everyone will find my guide useful.
RegiBoy Lv3Posted 20 Jul 2022 16:36
Just like your Active Stanby topic, it is very useful for us