BBC/CM Centralize Backup Trouble

Andri_ID Lv1Posted 10 Jun 2022 11:29

I have an issue with BBC,
i try centralized backup for NGAF and IAM.
but the status is always awaiting for NGAF. for IAM no problem.
bbc backup trouble.JPG

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Possible problem is a Firmware compatibility. Please see compatibility matrix on sangfor NGAF
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jetjetd Lv5Posted 14 Jun 2022 19:08
Is the firmware of NGAF is updated? Can you try to update it first then perform the steps you did again?
Farina Ahmed Lv3Posted 14 Jun 2022 19:32
Check compatibility version for both NGAF & BBC.
regidorreyes Lv4Posted 16 Jun 2022 15:11
Possible problem is a Firmware compatibility. Please see compatibility matrix on sangfor NGAF
Faisal P Lv8Posted 16 Jun 2022 15:28
Sangfor’s Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a network firewall security device designed to filter and inspect network and application traffic for threats, secure the network environment from intrusion, and bring in security intelligence from outside the network.
rivsy Lv4Posted 17 Jun 2022 15:56
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There are two options, including restoring system settings from a scheduled backup or restoring system settings from backup on the local disk. Please try both option if succeed.
Mei Ying Lv1Posted 23 Jun 2022 08:57
May I know since when this issue happens?
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 24 Jun 2022 12:47
restore system settings
Andri_ID Lv1Posted 29 Jul 2022 11:15
my firmware is custom, i think may be because of this.
Thank You
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 30 Jul 2022 14:13

restore system settings

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