NGFW is support till layer 7 Application.

Shiraz Ali Lv2Posted 23 May 2022 17:42

NGFW is support till layer 7 Application.

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NGFW is also supported from L4 to L7
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Bilal Atif Lv1Posted 23 May 2022 17:45
Yes its supported
rendeguia Lv1Posted 24 May 2022 15:41
Yes it's supported until layer 7
Faisal P Lv8Posted 30 May 2022 10:42
Yes it's supported, until layer 7
rivsy Lv4Posted 30 May 2022 11:51
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Yes is supports layer 2 to layer 7 application

Please see below official sangfor link for the reference:
Osama Muhammad Lv3Posted 30 May 2022 16:05
Yes it is
Newbie042770 Lv2Posted 31 May 2022 18:36
NGFW is also supported from L4 to L7
regidorreyes Lv4Posted 03 Jun 2022 18:43
Yes it is, NGFW supports layer 2 to layer 7 application.

Benefits of Sangfor NGFW
1. Application-Level Security Functions: Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) improve packet-content filtering, as well as identification an analysis of any irregular activities or threat signatures that might indicate an attacker.
2. Single Console Access: A single management console vastly simplifies maintenance and regular updates and configurations.
3. Multi-Layered Protection: NGFW provides layer 2-7 protection.
4. Simplified Infrastructure: Security protocols are updated from a single authorized device, simplifying a traditionally complex infrastructure.
5. Optimal Use of Network Speed: NGFW enables optimum throughput for all devices connected to the network and security protocols, without the slowdowns of traditional overwhelmed firewall.
6. Antivirus, Ransomware and Spam Protection & Endpoint Security: Antivirus, ransomware, spam and malware protection, along with endpoint security to protect data and help with monitoring and control of cyber threats.
7. Capability to Implement Role-based Access: User-identity control and detection for both individuals and groups, allowing organizations to set role-based access for data and content.

jetjetd Lv4Posted 03 Jun 2022 18:44
It is supported up to layer 7.
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 08 Jul 2022 18:48

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