[Ended] Session 4 - Find Sangfor Premium Content Creator

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 07 Apr 2022 10:29


提示.png Introduction
Sangfor Support Community is recruiting content creators. Any technical guides about deployment, configuration and troubleshooting are warmly recommended.
To save your time on writing,
we have prepared two kinds of templates for your reference. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD >>

It is not only a good chance to manage your technical knowledge, but also to make you well known when sharing knowledge and communicating with peersin the community.

Local Language is welcome !!    Local Language is welcome !!!

giphy-200.gif giphy-200.gif giphy-200.gif


邀请奖励.png Event Rewards

1. First Participation Reward: The first 10 participants will get 1000 coins reward in each session.
2. Rewards for More Writing: The more articles posted in each session, the more coins you will gain.
For example: 7000 coins will be awarded for posting more than 2 articles.Note: If your article is written both in English and your local language, we will count 2 articles for you.


3. Quality Reward: Extra 2000 coins will be awarded for one article tagged as “Featured” stamp.
Note: An article can be featured if it meets more than two key items requirements. (Click here to see details)

4. TOP3 Contribution Reward: A Sangfor T-shirt will be awarded to 3 users with the highest number of articles published in each session.

5. Honor Medal: We will distribute a grade medal for each participant based on the number of articles posted in the community.

6. Successful Invitation Reward: 1000 coins will be awarded to both inviter and invitee if the invitee has posted each article in each session. For example:
If Jojo has published two articles whom was invited by Vickie, both of us will get 2000 coins.

The first three inviters will get a Sangfor T-shirt if he has invited the most invitees in each session. (Download invitation letter)


ic_面性_驾校报名_1.png How to Join

1. Download the following content templates and then start your writing.

2. Post your article by clicking “Home> Post> Sharing Topic> Advanced” with a format like #Content Type# +{Title}……
For example:  #Troubleshooting# Custom ApplicationProtocol Number No Take Effect

3. Reply with links of your articles and UID of inviter under the thread. For example:
UID of My Inviter: (XXX or none)
Here are my published articles:
{Link 1}…
{Link 2}…


公告制度.png Event Rules

1. Irrigation, plagiarism, and copying the content from others or Sangfor documents is prohibited, otherwise coins will be disqualified.
2. Please follow the above 3 steps to post an article, otherwise, the coins will be discounted.
3. Duplicate invitees are not allowed, otherwise, all rewards will be disqualified.
4. Rewards will not be available if you use others’ UID to invite friends.
5. Community will announce the winners and distributes coins rewards before the 15th of next month.



Reward Announcement

线性书写订单清单列表编辑.png Previous Events

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UID of My Inviter: none
Here are my published articles:
https://community.sangfor.com/fo ... p;extra=#/pid109303
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KY Lv3Posted 26 May 2022 09:12