Rewards Giveaway | #Session One in February# 2022 Localization Program

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 01 Mar 2022 11:28

The section one in February of 2022 Localization program has been closed yesterday. We have got five participants from Indonesia and four participants from Italy joined in this event. Thanks you all for your support and contribution. 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png 比心 (1).png

To award their contribution, we have prepared some coins, gift vouchers and honor medal for them. Here are the rewards giveaway for [Contractual Translator].




Kindly Reminder:

1. All the above coins and medals have been sent today to all participants via a notification email <>. If you can't find it, pls check your spam.
2. You can find the honor medal in your personal page, see as below.


3. Regarding to the gift vouchers, kindly pls wait for our notification email for the redemption.


If you have missed the registration for [Contractual Translator] section, you can join us by signning up your name in [Non-contractual Translator] section. (click the following text)

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