【Endpoint Secure Product Warning】Agent Upgrade Failure happen in ES3.5.5EN to ES3.5.10EN

Sangfor_jianhow Lv2Posted 19 Jan 2022 18:26

Last edited by Sangfor_jianhow 19 Jan 2022 18:28.

Bug incident: MGR successfully upgraded to version 3.5.10EN, but the agent is stuck in the upgrade process, and windows keep prompting the notification that the agent turns on and turns off. In the MGR, the agent is stuck in the ongoing upgrade status and failed at last.

Trigger condition: The agent connects to MGR using the domain name.

Root cause: It is because the abs service has to be stopped by command: setevent. In this incident, it was not created due to the problem of connecting to the domain name in the old version of the abs service. Therefore, the abs service cannot be stopped when upgrading.

Current solution: Please upgrade the attached KB patch if the client has an upgrade failure problem. If you have any problems, kindly contact TAC for assistance.


10.69 MB, Downloads: 171

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