[CM] Unable to push down VPN configuration

CTI Jimy Lv2Posted 29 Dec 2021 11:31

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Warning Name: Unable to push down VPN configuration
Product: Sangfor CM
Version: 2.5.10
Warning Level: 1
Discover Date: 2020-3-20
Related Department: CTI, FAE, Pre-sales

【Trigger conditions】
When upgrading CM2.5.10 from BBC2.5.1, there will be an issue with the VPN configuration push down

【Root Cause】
Caused by CM2.5.10 directly upgrade from BBC2.5.1, skipped official version BBC2.5.6

1. CM2.5.10 must upgrade from official version BBC2.5.6
2. Ensure to perform snapshot before upgrading vBBC
3. Ensure that the beta version has been upgraded to the official version before upgrading to the latest version.

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