#My 2021

DanieleP Lv1Posted 28 Dec 2021 17:13

My 2021 was very intense .... unfortunately my beloved little dog went to heaven.
Remembering freddy mercury ... "the show must go on" -.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t99KH0TR-J4

and few days ago I adopted a beautiful stray puppy.

What do I remember about this 2021?
Good things and bad things ... I do a job that I like and am passionate about translating Sangfor technical documents
... which I hope will help everyone who approaches Sangfor.

In addition, gifts received for community time are very welcome.
I wish a new year 2022 full of happiness to all


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Sangfor Selene Posted 28 Dec 2021 17:28
Luckily, the beautiful stray dog met you. Thanks for your documents,which help others understand easily.