#My 2021-My Story with Sangfor

JennyQR Lv1Posted 28 Dec 2021 11:30

I am very grateful that I have known Sangfor. I'm new in theVAR tech industry, and our company is a partner of Sangfor. Nevertheless, it isdifficult for us to get new clients or at least strong prospects due to theeconomic damage caused by the pandemic. Fortunately, we have organized awebinar event partnered with Sangfor, and that started our progress which wehave found way more prospects than expected.
For me, their products are easier to understand and thuseasier to sell. Because of the event with Sangfor, I gained momentum for apositive response and a better opportunity for next year.

Thanks Sangfor.png

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Sangfor Selene Posted 28 Dec 2021 14:34
What a lovely picture. Thanks for your excellent sharing!

Btw, you just need to choose one of the topic of Event One.
You can also take part in Event Two. Come and join us. https://community.sangfor.com/fo ... thread&tid=5500