I say Thank you to the entire Sangfor Team and Community Sangfor which has work well,
patiently respond to the members which join in the Community Sangfor and provide experiences,
new knowledge and interesting events in 2021. From this event there are also attractive prizes,
so I invite members to invite your colleagues to participate in events held by Community Sangfor.
I want to share a story for the members which in at Community Sangfor. I joined since August 10, 2018 until now I am active in the Community Sangfor. At first I was not interested in Community Sangfor, after a few months I saw that there were events being held and the prizes were attractive. From the events made by the Community Sangfor, I have received several prizes, namely Sangfor Backpack, fitbit smartwatch, gold, Sangfor Polo Size L, top-up pulse. I don't forget to say that here we can also collect coins obtained from every event that is made, these coins can be exchanged for the prizes that have been provided. The prizes are attractive, so hurry up and join the events that have been made at the Community Sangfor.
The year 2021 has been good in terms of sharing and events made, the next hope in 2022 should be even better. enthusiasm for the Sangfor team and the Community Sangfor so that they can develop better.

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Sangfor Selene Posted 21 Dec 2021 09:12
What a nice sharing!  Sangfor Community will develop better and better with your active participation. Happy New Year 2022
Faisal Ikbal Lv1Posted 27 Dec 2021 18:40
Merry Christmas 2021 & Happy New Year 2022 Dominic, good job & keep healthy
Dominic Hendro Lv4Posted 29 Dec 2021 11:36
Last edited by Dominic Hendro 29 Dec 2021 11:40.

I Thank You for the Event Translate Document, Beta Test and Weekly Event held by the Community Sangfor  Team. My Thanks to Jojo, Eileen and Selene for working hard, helping and answering my questions when I didn't understand. Here, I share the prizes I got, I want to share my experiences and motivate those of you in the Community Sangfor to be more involved in Community Sangfor events.
Hopefully in 2022 there will be more followers in the Community Sangfor.
Tas Sangfor.jpg