#User Guide# What kinds of content can we write for the sharing posts?

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 29 Nov 2021 19:27

Dear member,

Knowledge sharing and communication is warmly welcome here. It is not only a good chance to manage your technical knowledge, but also to make you well known when sharing knowledge and communicating with peersin the community.

Let's get a quick overview of what content you can share with us.

Type 1: Troubleshooting
Write a case about how you solve a typical problem

Type 2: Testing Implementation
How you develop an implementation plan according to customers' testing needs.

Type 3: Installation and Deployment
How you complete an installation and deployment for a device

Type 4: Usage Sharing for A New Product or New Features
Share process and result of a new product and new features you experienced

Type 5: Security Incident
How you handle the security incident and suggestions

Type 6: Personal Knowledge sharing
Share with us your Thinking, Opinions, Analysis about Sangfor products, other branded products, or industry.

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