#Partner Certification# How to book Lab Exam

Ryan Lv1Posted 15 Jun 2018 15:51

How to book Lab Exam

Once you have passed the written exam, you are eligible to schedule your lab exam.

Step 1: Login the Community and go to [Self Service] - [Certificate Examination Application].


Step 2: Go to [Labs Examination Application] and click [Register Now].


Step 3: If you have not visited sangfor labs (http://labs.sangfor.com) before, please login with your community account and password first and then go back to community for booking.


Step 4: Click [Subject] to choose subject, scenario and date.


Step 5: Record the exam Scenario and Date information after successful appointment.


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Azlan Lv1Posted 17 Dec 2018 11:42
How to check result for exam lab?
Muhammad Talha Lv3Posted 09 May 2019 15:46
Hi Azlan
After you passed you Lab exam you can search for your certificate information in Self Services -> Information search -> Partner Certification
Here provide your details and Sangfor Partner Engineer ID and search.

Image attached for reference
TohGuru Lv1Posted 13 May 2019 16:56
We could change date and time for exam or not. How to do it.

Please suggestion.
LuisKuan96 Lv1Posted 04 May 2021 10:50
May I know is it necessary to attend all 3 Lab exams to get the certificate for Sangfor aCloud (HCI)? I already attended HCI Lab01 Exam, do I need to proceed to Lab2 and Lab3 to get the certificate?

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