[Ended] Let's Hit Round 3 - Localization Documents Support Event!

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 07 Sep 2021 16:03


Dear members,

Since the previous Round 2 event was closed, many of you have written emails to me asking when will the next round of the event be online.

Now we bring the Round 3 - Localization Documents Support event for you! We hope to produce more and more localized language technical documents to provide more convenient service support for Sangfor customers and partners.

Here comes some details about how to join and what kinds of rewards we can get.

[How to Join]
1. Sign your name in the [Translator] column and fill in the [Application Date] column by opening the shared online form as follows.
2. Download documents by clicking on the[Document Title]column and translate them. No need to translate these images or screenshots.
3. Design the layout of your documents according to an attached template.
4. Send both English-written and translated documents in DOCX format to jojo.luo@sangfor.com.
5. Please DO NOT use google Translate, otherwise, the reward will be canceled.

[The Reward]
1. 300 coins for TOP10 participants who participated in this event firstly.
2. 500 coins referral reward for you and your invitees if he joins the event the first time.
3. Up to Alfamart E-vouchers worth Rp 100,000 will be awarded for each doc translated into Bahasa.
4. We will rank TOP 3 participants with the most translated docs and give away coins after the event is ended.
1000 coins for 1st prize, 800 coins for 2nd prize, 500 coins for 3rd prize.

[How to Get Doc]

Currently, this event is still only open to Indonesia and Thailand regions. Please choose the portal according to your region.

Click Here to Open Form and Translate Docs into Bahasa>>>  (Ended)

[Honor Board]
Thanks for your participation. All 40 documents have been translated into Bahasa. Let's see who are the TOP3 participants.

Honor Board.png

Note: all the coins have been sent to your account, please check your account.

Document TitleTranslatorDoc Status
SANGFOR_CCOM_v3.0.48_Cyber Command and NGAF Correlation Configuration GuideChrist Leepublished
SANGFOR_IAG_13.0.15_AD Domain Detection Configuration GuideChrist Leepublished
SANGFOR_IAG_13.0.15_Endpoint_Visibility_Configuration GuideChrist Leepublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_Bandwidth Management Configuration GuideChrist Leepublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_Application Control and Web Filtering Configuration GuideChrist Leepublished
SANGFOR_Cyber Command_v3.0.45_Software Version Installation Guidecuputraerwinpublished
SANGFOR_aCloud_6.0.0_EN_System Disk Replacement Guidescuputraerwinpublished
SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.42_Password-based authentication with ADDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.42_IWA SSO Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR IAM 12.0.42 Use SSL to Encrypt Username and Password Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR IAG 13.0.15 Access Check & Control Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_IP and MAC Address Binding Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_IAM_Health_Check_GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_IAG_13.0.15_Ingress Client SSL Decryption Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR IAG 13.0.15 RST Redirection Autehntication Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR IAG 13.0.15 Branch Violation Reporting Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.42_Password Recovery ManualDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_IAG_13.0.15_External Device Control Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.41_DNS Proxy Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.41_Policy-Based Routing Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR NGAF v8.0.35 OSPF Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_DNS Proxy and DNS Transparent Proxy Configuration GuideDominic Hendropublished
SANGFOR_HCI 6.3.0_R1_Upgrade_GuideGhostlyingpublished
SANGFOR_IAG_13.0.15_USB_Offline_Audit_Configuration GuideGhostlyingpublished
SANGFOR_IAG_13.0.15_USB_Audit_Configuration GuideGhostlyingpublished
SANGFOR_CCOM_Configuration Best Practice_How to Correlate with NGAF to Simply the OperationGhostlyingpublished
SANGFOR_CCOM_v3.0.48_Cyber Command and Endpoint Secure Correlation Configuration GuideGhostlyingpublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.17_Password Recovery Configuration GuideJohnbadapublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_NGAF IPSec VPN with CISCO Configuration GuideJohnbadapublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_NAT Configuration GuideJohnbadapublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_Sangfor VPN Configuration GuideJohnbadapublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_Route Mode Deployment GuideJohnBadapublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_Ransomware Protection Configuration GuideJohnBadapublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_Policy-Based Routing ConfigurationJohnBadapublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.35_SMTP Server Configuration GuideJohnBadapublished
SANGFOR_NGAF_v8.0.26_Endpoint On NGAF Configuration GuideJohnBadapublished

Format Requirements for Security Products-v1.0.docx

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Format Requirements for Cloud Products-v1.0.docx

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