IAM Configuration FAQ 102: User Binding and IP MAC binding

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IAM Configuration FAQ 102

Q: How to bind user and IP MAC?

A: Please perform as follows:

    Step 1.

    Click Add under the User Binding to bind the user with IP.


    Step 2.

    Enter the username and the IP address that you want to bind with this username. After that click Commit to add.


    Step 3.

    From the online user, now you can see the IP address will show the Username which was bound just now.


IP MAC Binding

    Step 1.

    Click Add under IP&MAC Binding.


    Step 2.

    Enter the IP address and the MAC Address that you want to bind together. After that click Commit to add.


    Step 3.

    If the MAC address does not match with the IP address, then IAM will deny the user.


    Step 4.

    The user is able to be online only if the MAC address matched with the IP address.


   Now, the configuration is successfully set.

   If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Sangfor products, please leave a post in the community. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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