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Sangfor Jojo Lv4Posted 01 Jun 2021 15:54

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Dear Customers & Partners,
This survey has been successfully closed. Thanksto all the participants who joined.
Now we are qualifying your answers…

Dear members,

Sangfor wants to know about your NGAF and HCI experience!   Your needs are what inspires Sangfor, and we want to use your experiences to gauge NGAF and HCI market positioning, and gauge any gaps or needs we will fill in the future.
SangforTechnologies will not share any of your information with any third-partycompanies. This data will be used internally to better understand customerrequirements and issues, to further enhance Sangfor products. Please click HERE for our privacy policy.

[Event Duration]
June 1 – July 7, 2021

[What to Get]
We won’t let you go home empty-handed. To show our appreciation, a few lucky winners will receive:

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[How to Join]

Saifur Lv3Posted 01 Jun 2021 17:55
WOW, this is a great opportunity for both SANGFOR to achieve it's goal like global position in the market and us to get more coins.

Faisal Lv8Posted 01 Jun 2021 21:41
Thank you very much for the great information ...
Ellechar Lv4Posted 02 Jun 2021 09:24
Dominic Hendro Lv4Posted 02 Jun 2021 16:50
Wow Amazing Event
Sumon Lv2Posted 03 Jun 2021 23:12
Juli Lv1Posted 04 Jun 2021 17:49
Already summit and look forward to the prize
Vigoss Lv1Posted 05 Jun 2021 09:03
Wow, it's a very cheerful event, I can't wait to contribute these essential info, time to hit the jackpot !
Newbie148040 Lv1Posted 05 Jun 2021 09:30
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Amazing event~~~~~ I'm looking forward to winning the prize!!yeah~~
Newbie151192 Lv1Posted 05 Jun 2021 09:49
No best only better