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Hi there, you can get the most recent Sangfor's Manufacturing webinars materials here. Feel free to download the materials or contact tiankoon.lee@sangfor.com if you need more details.

The Smart Infrastructure Answer for Smart Manufacturing
The manufacturing industry is stepping into a whole new erawith Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. All kinds of technologies are beingleveraged to make manufacturing more automated and streamlined, includingrobotics, IOTs, clouds, big data...you name it. All these changes haveunearthed significant challenges to the underlying infrastructure, where more speed,elasticity and security are urgently needed for infrastructure to keep up withthe manufacturing revolution. What's the right answer to the question of theage? Join us in a discussion of major IT pain points experienced by manufacturers and how you can use Sangfor HCI to stop them cold.

Target Audience: Customer & Partner
Event: Online / Offline

1. Whydo you need an agile, reliable and simple infrastructure
2. SangforHCI solution is the best approach to build a new IT infrastructure
3. Customer case studies

Watch Full Presentation:

Download Presentation File:
The Smart Infrastructure Answer for Smart Manufacturing .pptx (54.05 MB, Downloads: 444)

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Thank you very much for the information ...