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Hi there, you can get the most recent Sangfor's healthcare industrywebinars materials here. Feel free to download the materials or contactaaron.wang@sangfor.com if you need more details.

1. Sangfor Digitally Transforms the Healthcare Industry
Imagine survivinga major illness, only to find your hospital or healthcare provider has lost allyour most personal financial and health information in a cyber attack. COVID-19has shined a spotlight on the healthcare industry in recent months, uncoveringmany disturbing and long-forgotten vulnerabilities. When relying on healthcareprofessionals for the survival of those you love, the last thing you need toworry about is the security of your data. Technology has become anindispensable part of modern healthcare service, with healthcare professionalsrelying heavily on applications, information systems, mobile devices,electronic medical records (EMR), picture archiving and communication systems(PACS) to provide the best and fastest service. The more traditional 3-tierinfrastructure commonly used in the healthcare industry is often slow, rigidand complex, making it impossible to use medical applications and systems totheir full potential.
In this session wewill explore the many ways a Sangfor HCI solution can enable a faster, morerobust, and future-proof digital healthcare platform.

Target Audience:Customer & Partner
Event: Online/ Offline

1, Backgroundinformation of the healthcare market and hospital business.
2, what is themain challenge of hospital business and traditional infrastructure.
3, The idealhospital Datacenter solution
4, Case study and performancedifferences after client choosing Sangfor Solution.

Watch the fullpresentation:

Download the EDM:
[EDM] Sangfor Digitally Transforms the Healthcare Industry.pdf (3.21 MB, Downloads: 502)

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