【POC Best Practice for IAM/NGAF/ES/CC】POC Best Practice Positioning and Index

sangfor_2267 Posted 19 May 2021 14:33

Dear Partners
          Maybe you have seen that we have added a new categories to the document category: You may be wondering why the classification is added, and the difference between best practices.
Here I will explain to you:

First of all, best practices are used in POC or Implement scenarios

1. Best Practices for Scenarios is mainly used in POC scenarios. The purpose is to let you quickly and efficiently show the effect of the function, which usually contains the following content:
1.1 Applicable to the most general scenarios.
1.2 Use real cases. Some documents need to use third-party tools to show the effect, such as the WAF function test of NGAF products.
1.3 Contains detailed configuration steps. Allows you to achieve better results after configuring according to the documentk for example, which options are enabled to have a security log.
1.4 Contains some precautions for the configuration of the scenario.

2. Best Practices for Configuration is mainly used in POC, Implement and other scenarios. The purpose is to provide you with more reference, how to choose the right configuration, how to configure to avoid potential mistakes, etc. It usually contains the following content:
2.1 How to collect important information
2.2 How to choose deployment mode and functional modules in different scenarios, suitable for some special scenarios
2.3 The idea of ​​configuration
2.4 Common limitations of functional modules
2.5 Common differences between functional modules in different versions
2.6 Usually does not contain too many configuration details and pictures, etc.; the detailed steps and pictures of the configuration will provide additional document links for you to refer to.

Best Practices Index
You can directly click on the document title to redirect to the document browsing and download page.
Some tools are needed for POC testing of some network security functions. The spread of these tools will bring potential network threats, so we did not upload it to the community. If you need it, please contact your local sangfor FAE to obtain these tools.

Best Practices for Configuration

Cyber Command

Best Practices for Scenarios

Endpoint Secure

Cyber Command


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