LACP 802.3ad, Active-Active HA & SD-WAN (multi ISP internet) on NGAF 56

Romillo Libra Lv1Posted 16 May 2021 09:28

Last edited by Romillo Libra 16 May 2021 14:33.

i am f*gate user and now want to replace that to NGAF 56.
is Sangfor support LACP 802.3ad, Active-active HA & SD-WAN (multi ISP internet), like i used on f*gate before?

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Hi yes all can support.
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sekyu Lv2Posted 16 May 2021 20:03
This is a excellent questions, hopefully someone form Sangfor could response ASAP.
Liew Lv2Posted 16 Jun 2021 14:26
Hi yes all can support.

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