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Sangfor Elsa Posted 18 May 2018 18:12


On the 16th May 2018, Sangfor ushers in a new milestone after 18 years of operation – listing. As we open the pages to the story of Sangfor, we look back to the year 2000 when a small company started to dream big.

With the rapid development of the IT wave, more and more like-minded people joined in Sangfor, breaking new ground in the field of security and cloud computing through continuous innovation and dedication.

By 2018, a camera lens could not capture the entire growing Sangfor family. It feels appropriate that the use of new drone technology was the only way to fit us all in frame.

Here is our 2018 family photo. How long until we outgrow this frame?


The turning of the millennium saw rapid development of the Chinese Internet wave. In early days, the disparity between IT development in China, Europe and America was significant with a vast majority of IT products and technologies developed by Western MNC’s.

Sangfor discovered a niche market with many domestic company branch offices who required constant access to headquarters networks to establish local area networking capabilities. Sangfor independently researched and developed more cost-effective IPSec VPN products which were significantly more appealing to the market and easier to use.

Shortly thereafter Sangfor discovered that customers required increased mobile security when accessing internal network servers. To fill this gap in the market, Sangfor independently pioneered several highly successful SSL VPN products and developed IPSec VPN and SSL VPN two-in-one security gateway products. In only two years these products became #1 in China's VPN market, making the name Sangfor synonymous with “VPN.”

Sangfor focused on gaining insight into users’ needs as well as designing and developing products based on specific customer requirements. Through continuous communication with the user, Sangfor discovered a demand for management of user's network behavior. Ever the innovator, Sangfor developed IAM, which rapidly became a “star.” Continued research and development of new products in the field of network security and cloud computing were based on the actual needs of users and provided simple, safe and valuable IT solutions for customers.

Sangfor has devoted 18 years to closely monitoring the security market and developing products based on the actual real-world needs of customers. The Chinese market quickly embraced Sangfor products which solved many network security and national network security issues. The data shows that in 2017, Sangfor security products:

Discovered 387,000 high-risk vulnerabilities
Blocked 163,000 extortion software attacks
Carried out security defense against more than 100,000 domain names (or IP) nationwide
Intercepted 8,620,000,000 network attacks
Blocked 15,900,000 malicious IP attacks
Provided security for major conferences like the 19th National Congress of CPC, BRICs and Wealth Forum

In 2011 Sangfor began to branch out in the virtualization and cloud computing market, launching the Enterprise Cloud and VDI related products and solutions based on virtualization technology and hyper-converged infrastructure.


Q4 of 2017 saw China ranked in the top-three for enterprise-level cloud market share based on hyper-converged infrastructure, surprising and exciting because the enterprise class cloud products based on hyper-converged technology only entered the market two years ago.

As a mature 18-year-old IT manufacturer, Sangfor has a deep understanding of each level of data center infrastructure and is well versed in the needs of enterprise level user IT construction. Sangfor has mastered a number of independent network technologies and has a profound technology accumulation in the network infrastructure and application field. This background is the ground work for entrance to the field of enterprise cloud computing. At network level and virtualization level of the data center, Sangfor creates cloud computing products and solutions that are entirely in line with the actual needs of the user.


Sangfor received an enthusiastic market response to their launch of cloud computing products and solutions. So far, more than 3,000 governments, enterprises and public institutions across the country have deployed Sangfor cloud computing products and solutions, accumulated 20,000+ business virtual machines and served 400,000+ VDI users.

In 2017 Sangfor sales were close to $392 million, an increase of more than 40% over the same period in 2016. This rapid growth is closely related to our customer-oriented and continuously innovative culture.

Sangfor is committed to continued significant investment in R&D. In 2015 Sangfor spent $44 million on R&D, resulting in a 21.34% revenue increase. In 2016 Sangfor achieved a 20.10% revenue increase credited to the $55 million invested in R&D. Most recently Sangfor invested a record $75 million in R&D resulting in a 19.34% increase in revenue for 2017. Sangfor consistently dedicates nearly 20% of revenue to the continued innovation of their R&D department.

Innovation for a high-tech company cannot be underestimated. To encourage innovation, Sangfor has set up multiple innovation awards, incentivizing outstanding employees by providing millions in cash rewards. Sangfor also fosters a company culture and atmosphere of innovation in the workplace.

In the internal innovation forum, individual innovation proposals exceed 35,000 items while the discussion posts for suggested innovation number at around 140,000. In 2016 and 2017, three inventions were evaluated by the State Intellectual Property Bureau for a "Chinese Patent Award".

Innovation is built into our corporate culture but has also become a self-conscious and spontaneous behavior and mode of thinking for all employees.

Due in part to this excellent innovation groundwork, Sangfor successfully launched the IPSec VPN and SSL VPN two-in-one security gateway and IAM (Internet Access Management). In addition, Sangfor launched NGAF, AD, aDESK (VDI), Enterprise Cloud and other products and solutions that reduced reliance on internationally developed technology and filled the domestic gap. More than 6 products have been listed in the Gartner Global Magic Quadrant, proving that Sangfor products and technological innovation capability has been recognized by the more mature International IT market.

While Sangfor’s dominance in the domestic market is indisputable, our network security and cloud computing products also adhere to "The Belt and Road" strategy. Sangfor has branched out Internationally gaining the respect and loyalty of customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and many other Southeast Asian and Western regions.. As the voice of China in network security and cloud computing, Sangfor has begun to exert its influence on the world stage.

Today is another milestone in the development process. Over 18 years of growth and transformation the constant development and innovation continues. Through excellent support, continuous innovation and collective dedication, Sangfor makes IT simpler, safer and more valuable.


For more information about Sangfor stock status, please do not hesitate to visit this link.

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