NGAF 8.0.26 policy based routing intermittent behaviour

Newbie572077 Lv1Posted 24 Mar 2021 18:06


I'm experiencing intermittent issues with policy based routing on NGAF 8.0.26. After the PBR is configured, the routing is working fine. However, after some time, the PBR stopped working, thereby disrupting the network. Somehow, the PBR resumes again after some time. For the time being, I added a static route as a workaround, but this is less than ideal as I have multiple WAN links.

Does anyone experience this issue with PBR? If so, how do you resolve this matter?

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Darjo Lv1Posted 25 Mar 2021 02:22
Makesure your client try to use internal DNS (config your internal DNS server to forward to All ISP's DNS) or open DNS such as google etc. becuase in some case of ISP they not permit other DNS. for example you have WAN1& WAN2, you set PBR through WAN1 & WAN2 (loadbalancing) makesure your client use DNS dan resolve to WAN1 or WAN2

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