Welcome to HCI 6.3.0 Beta Test! Apply Now!

Sangfor Elsa Lv4Posted 25 Jan 2021 15:15


Dear members,

HCI 6.3.0 version will be launched soon and is open for beta testing now. Anyone who is interested in the testing is welcome to join!

Except for experencing the new features and functions in this version early, you will also receive amazing gifts for your support and valued feedback!

Gifts include but not limited to airpods, smart watch, Sangfor branded backpack, etc. or your own choice of the gift. (gifts will be sent based on the testing report and feedback submitted by the applicants.)

In the HCI 6.3.0 version, new features are added as follows:

SCP 6.3.0
1.New permission management: Operation Administration
   Support new role which is between Platform Administrator and Tenants. It can manage some tenants of the platform, and support quota, work order and resources for tenants.
   Support account freezing and enabling for tenants.
2.Elastic scaling on CPU and memory
   Support automatic expansion and contraction of business cloud hosts according to CPU and memory usage.
   Support specifying elastic business groups, including specifying maximum, minimum, and scaling policy cooldowns for elastic lateral expansion.
3.Distributed firewall
   Support deployment in cloud hosts of VPC and classic network.

HCI 6.3.0
1.Subhealth detection
   Detection items include downtime, memory ECC/UECC status and RAID abnormalities.
   Add host active detection mechanism.
   Migrate the virtual machine running on the sub-health host.
   Application layer suspended animation.

If you have any questions regarding the beta test, please feel free to contact us on Live Chat > Community team, or email us at community@sangfor.com.

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