Distributed Firewall network flow monitoring

Newbie948124 Lv1Posted 13 Jan 2021 14:07

1. If I apply a rule on distributed firewall in between 2 VMS. Lets say VM A not allow ton ping VM B. If I initiate ping command from VM A  for VM B. Can I see real time on HCI portal which firewall rule is blocking the ping request.

2. Is there any option in HCI portal where i can find any of vm east/west and north/ south communication detail for back dates.

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Jun_Sheng17 Lv1Posted 26 Jan 2021 12:45
1. For question 1, you may click on the Dropped Packet Logging to view which packets is dropped and blocked by which policy

2. For question 2, you means you want the communication details between VM? If yes, unfortunately, currently HCI do not have the features.

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