Join Sangfor Beta Program, Test New Features and Win an Ipad!

Sangfor Elsa Posted 03 Dec 2020 16:55

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Dear members,

Sangfor have recently launched our Beta Test Program, by joining this program, you will be avaible to get early hands on the new features of Sangfor products, give feedback about your testing, and most importantly, win amazing gifts for your passion and efforts!

Win the Prize

Grand Prize: Ipad (8th generation) (1 tester)
Qualifications: Complete the test, and provide the most valuable feedback.

Second Prize: Airpods 2 (unlimited)
Qualifications: Complete the test, and provide at least 5 constructive advice.

Third Prize: Mi watch X keith Haring (unlimited)
Qualifications: Complete the test, and provide at least 3 constructive advice.

Participation Prize: Sangfor Backpack (unlimited)
Qualifications: Complete the test, and provide at least 1 constructive advice.

Please note that Sangfor R&D will valuate the feedback you have provided after the testing, and then the prize winner will be announced accordingly~

There might be some advices provided repeatedly by different testers, in that case, the tester who provide earlier will get the prize.

How to Join the Beta Program

When a new beta test is launched, an launch eDM will be sent to your email, and the news will also be posted on sangfor official website ( and on Sangfor Community ( Please check your email and visit sangfor website and community regularly in case you have missed any on going beta test.

Once a new beta test is launched and open for applications, you can now apply for the testing.

Step 1. Fill in the application form. You can find the application form via the beta test eDM we sent, or on > Support > Beta Test Program > Active Programs, or from the launch post we posted in the forum!

Step 2. Wait for the approval of your application. Once you are qualifed for the test, we will send you an email regarding the test details, and your community account will be granted access to the exclusive beta program section where you can find all beta test related sofeware, instructions, documents, discussions, etc.

Step 3. Download the beta software when it is released and read carefully about the terms of service, and privacy policy. Starting the test following the instructions we provided. If you have any questions during the testing, you can ask and share your concerns in the Beta Program section, Sangfor R&D team will answer all your questions immediately.

Step 4. Provide the feedback report after complete the testing. Waiting for your gifts for your efforts and helpful feedback!

Ongoing Beta Test

1. IAM 13.0.8

Join the test now and win the Grand Prize!

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Faisal Posted 04 Jul 2021 09:28
Thank you very much for the information ...