IAM Authentication Policy --Phone's browser cannot get the captive portal

Newbie115858 Lv1Posted 27 Nov 2020 17:05

I have set a policy which is password based, and i tick the option  Redirect HTTPS requests(not using proxy) to captive portal if user is not authenticated    .
It worked in pc , but in the phone's browser, it cannot get the captive portal

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Newbie115858 Lv1Posted 30 Nov 2020 09:16
Today I found the Phone's browser can get the captive portal, but it will show a warning about not secure.
How can I deploy a SSL certificate?
Faisal Lv7Posted 18 Apr 2022 22:48
Specifies whether Chrome OS can bypass a configured proxy server for captive portal authentication.
Liew Lv2Posted 25 Apr 2022 15:24
Good day! May I know both Android and iPhone also not able to access to captive portal?
tanveer Lv2Posted 14 Jun 2022 21:44
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Goto the wifi console where you connect wifi after connecting tap on the SSID you connect, than it will auto redirect to the captive portal screen. It also depend on the Android / IOS version is being used by your Mobile. Least version might not support it, it may check with multiple devices.

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