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Apriyanto Lv5Posted 04 Nov 2020 10:01

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Hello members,

This time there will be a new event that is no less interesting, let's share your knowledge here so that your knowledge is not in vain. Useful for all members here and others who read.

[Terms and Conditions]
1. Contents in the form of technical or general topics related to Sangfor products. (example: internet management, cybersecurity, firewalls, hyperconverged infrastructure, cluod and others)
2. It must have a minimum of 200 words.
3. Unlimited languages. English or local languages are allowed.
4. The content must be original and authentic.
5. Authors can share content to other platforms, social media to attract more viewers.

[Event Duration]
November 30 - January 01

[Event Rewards]
Qualified content will be rewarded 1000 - 5000 coins according to the content quality, and how hot it is. (members reply and likes.) But sock-puppets, users use multiple accounts, and non-sense replies will be invalid for the rewards. All author, content, reply, and views should be authentic.


- First Award - IDR 100000 (2 members)
- Second Award - IDR 50000 (5 members)
- Third Award - IDR 25000 (10 members)

The winning members will be adjusted according to how many members join the event. More members join, more winners, less member join, less winners.

The standards for win the award contains:
- Content quality : The higher the quality of the shared content, the higher chance for the member to win.
- Content views : The more the better.
- Content replies : The more the better, and the replies can't be nonsense sentences, but should be authentic and meaningful feedback about the shared content.
- Content likes : The more the better.

Let's get started