performance virtual machine in acloud

nitrox Lv1Posted 21 Sep 2020 23:28

I am new in aCloud. We have installed the first virtual machine on our acloud infrastructure. The virtual machine is configured like this:
1 core
1 Virtual socket
1 GB ram
20 GB HD
Debian 9
vmtools installed
The virtual machine is used to virtualise a really small PBX. After the installation of the OS and services to run the pbx i see the cpu that is occupied for 10%. The pbx hasn't extension registered in it neither sip trunk. So the pbx is doing nothing but the cpu is showing like is doing something in background.
I noticed this because the same pbx installed in a different cloud infrastructure (VMWARE) show different performance result and the cpu is occupied just for just 1%. So same virtual machine but different performance. Someone of you could explain if this is normal or not?