Timezone, NTP and DST setup

Newbie704189 Lv1Posted 18 Sep 2020 16:52

I'm running v6.10 and am settign up the time.
I can choose the timezone and the NTP server, but I cannot setup the DST.
This means that if I select the NTP server and the real timezone, I get my time off by 1 hour. If I manually setup the correct time (or sync with the local PC), I slip in the wrong timezone.
This is due to the DST in use in my area (Europe/Italy) which is normally UTC+1 but is now UTC+2.
How do I correctly setup this?

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Faisal Lv6Posted 18 Sep 2020 17:56
  1. <div class="quote"><blockquote style="text-align: center;">Date and Time <span style="background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250); color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: " lucida="" grande",="" "lucida="" sans",="" sans="" unicode",="" sans-serif;"="">> Change the time zone</span>
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Sunarno Lv2Posted 22 Sep 2020 11:33
very difficult question
Ellechar Lv4Posted 13 Jan 2021 10:06
difficult question

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