[New Event] Multi Lingual Support - Translate the Files into Bahasa/Thai

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Dear members,

In our previous Event 1 of the multi languague support program, many of you have taken a part in and selected the documents you need most in your local language, the polls were successfully ended, and we have concluded the top 10 documents for the first patch of translation as we mentioned in the program introduction.

Refer to the Multi Lingual Support Program Introduction for more details.

Now, it's time to move to the second step: TRANSLATION!

Multi Lingual Support - Bahasa/Thai Translation

1. The 10 articles translation project is open to everyone.
2. One member can select one article at a time and should finish the translation on time. And the article can be taken for translation by one member at a time in case several people work on the same article at the same time and waste the time. If someone does not finish the translation on time, then the article is free to be taken by others.
3. If you are interested in this project, please reply the article title in this thread.
4. Download the article in the community and start translating, ONLY content and main body parts need to be translated, cover page and end page are not requested to be translated. GOOGLE TRANSLATION is not allowed, please translate the content by yourself and the higher the quality of the transaltion, the more the rewards.
5. After translation, send your translation and the original English version to community@sangfor.com with the email title of “Sangfor Bahasa/Thai Translation Project - Article Title”, Sangfor will review the translation and provide Sangfor branded gifts for your contribution and hard work!

1. Proyek penerjemahan 10 artikel terbuka untuk semua orang.
2. Setiap anggota dapat memilih satu artikel pada satu waktu dan harus menyelesaikan terjemahan tepat waktu, tentu saja karena jika beberapa orang mengerjakan artikel yang sama pada waktu yang sama dan membuang waktu. Jika seseorang tidak menyelesaikan terjemahannya tepat waktu, maka artikel tersebut bebas untuk diambil orang lain untuk diterjemahkan.
3. Jika Anda tertarik dengan proyek ini, silakan balas judul artikel di utas ini.
4. Unduh artikel di Community dan mulailah menerjemahkan, HANYA konten dan bagian utama yang perlu diterjemahkan, halaman sampul dan halaman akhir tidak perlu untuk diterjemahkan. TERJEMAHAN GOOGLE tidak diperbolehkan, harap terjemahkan konten sendiri dan semakin tinggi kualitas transisinya, semakin banyak pula rewardnya.
5. Setelah terjemahan selesai, kirimkan dokumen terjemahan dan versi asli bahasa Inggris Anda ke community@sangfor.com dengan judul email "Proyek Terjemahan Sangfor Bahasa / Thai - Judul Artikel", Sangfor akan meninjau terjemahan dan memberikan hadiah Sangfor atas kontribusi dan kerja keras Anda!

The gifts include but not limited to: voucher, backpack, T-shirt, other Sangfor branded gifts, etc.
Hadiah tersebut termasuk namun tidak terbatas pada: voucher, ransel, T-shirt, hadiah bermerek Sangfor lainnya, dll.

The Translation List

If you are interested in translating a document, please reply the document title in this thread and download the file in the Resources, we will add your name in the translation list so others will not translate the same document. And please keep in mind, you should finish the translation within the given time and Google Translation is not allowed.

Many gifts are already prepared and ready to be sent to you for your kind efforts!
Let's get started!
Our first Bahasa documents are published in the Resource!

Many thanks to the translator "Faisal", 3000 coins will be sent to your account for your hard work!
We would love to see more members join us in the translation project!
Do not forget, the longer and higher quality the translation is, the more rewards will be, including but not limited to coins, vouchers, backpack, etc.
Newbie309885 Lv1Posted 16 Sep 2020 10:48
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Hi, i am interested to take a part on document translation
Newbie765980 Lv1Posted 16 Sep 2020 12:02
Hi, i am interested to take a part on document translation
bramtorvalds Lv3Posted 16 Sep 2020 16:39
Hi Elsa,

i want to join translate this document into bahasa:
bramtorvalds Lv3Posted 16 Sep 2020 16:42
Hi Sangfor Elsa,

I wanna join translate this document into bahasa:
SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.18_MAC Open Authentication Configuration Guide
Aina Lv1Posted 17 Sep 2020 10:28
Hi, I will take the translation of this document into bahasa:

1) SANGFOR_NGAF_v7.4_Application Control and Web Filtering Configuration Guide
Karolus Thias Lv1Posted 17 Sep 2020 11:30
Hi Sangfor Elsa,

I wanna join translate this document into bahasa:
SANGFOR_IAM_v11.0_How to Perform Pre-Check on the device before upgrade