Reward Upgraded!! Multi Lingual Support - Translate the Files into Bahasa/Thai

Sangfor Elsa Posted 15 Sep 2020 15:15


Dear members,

In our previous Round 1 of the multi-language support program, many of you have taken a part in and we have got 59 articles published in the Catalog “Resources.

Many thanks to the translators for their excellent translation. Translators including: Ammar, Apriyanto, Bramtorvalds, Dominic Hendro, f1ngers_, Faisal, Fauzan99, FreenandaBolang, Ghostlying, Karolus Thias, Munif Faisol, Newbie309885, Noviyanto, Ricky Chandra.

[What to Get]
1. Coins Reward: 100 coins rewarded for each page in PPT format, 300 coins for each page in PDF format.

2. Participants who translated 5 pieces of documents with no more than 10 pages can get Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Bluetooth 5.0.
3. Participants who translated 10 pieces of documents with no more than 10 pages can get Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smartwatch.
Rewards for Bahasa Dcoument Translation.jpg

[How to Join]
1. Reply this thread with your interested documents title.
2. Download the attached document template to complete the translation. Please mind that the template is different for security and cloud products.
3. Send both word and pdf version of your translation to with the email title of “Sangfor Bahasa/Thai Translation Project - Article Title.

[Warm Tips]
1. GOOGLE TRANSLATION is not allowed, please translate the content by yourself and the higher the quality of the translation, the more the rewards.
2. One member can select one article at a time and should finish the translation on time.
And the article can be taken for translation by one member at a time in case several people work on the same article at the same time and waste the time.
3. ONLY content and main body parts need to be translated, cover page and end page are not

If you are experienced engineer and good at translating English into Bahasa or Thai, you must not miss this great opportunity to show your talents.

[Articles to Be Translated]
1Sangfor WANO Troubleshooting guide for Sangfor VPN build  up failure with Multiline8PDF2400
2SANGFOR_aCloud_5.8.8R1_VM Resolution Configuration Guides8PDF2400
3SANGFOR_NGAF_V8.0.6_IP & MAC address binding  configuration guide8PDF2400
4SANGFOR_aCloud_5.8.8R1_iSCSI External Storage  Configuration Guides9PDF2700
5SANGFOR_IAM_v11.9_PDLAN Configuration Guide.pdf9PDF2700
6SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.18_Batch Import User Binding and IPMAC  Binding Relationships Configuration Guide9PDF2700
7SANGFOR_NGAF_v7.4_Application  Control and Web Filtering Configuration Guide10PDF3000
8SANGFOR_NGAF_v7.4_Mail Alerts Testing Guidance_2017123010PDF3000
9SANGFOR_aCloud_5.8.8R1_Oracle Database Migration11PDF3300
10SANGFOR_NGAF_v7.4_NAT Configuration_2017120411PDF3300
11SANGFOR_aCloud_v5.8.6_SAP B1 Migration_Best Practice12PDF3600
12SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.18_Put Video on Specific Websites And  Reject Other Video Configuration Guide12PDF3600
13SANGFOR NGAF_v8.0.8_Web Application Protection_Best Practice22PDF6600
14SANGFOR_NGAF_V8.0.6_Professional_2019_02_APT Protection23PPT2300

Techsupport Doc Template for Cloud Product v1.1.docx

1.1 MB, Downloads: 760

Techsupport Doc Template for Security Product v1.1.docx

1.14 MB, Downloads: 770

Newbie309885 Lv1Posted 16 Sep 2020 10:48
Last edited by Newbie309885 16 Sep 2020 11:51.

Hi, i am interested to take a part on document translation
Newbie765980 Lv2Posted 16 Sep 2020 12:02
Hi, i am interested to take a part on document translation
bramtorvalds Lv4Posted 16 Sep 2020 16:39
Hi Elsa,

i want to join translate this document into bahasa:
bramtorvalds Lv4Posted 16 Sep 2020 16:42
Hi Sangfor Elsa,

I wanna join translate this document into bahasa:
SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.18_MAC Open Authentication Configuration Guide
Aina Lv1Posted 17 Sep 2020 10:28
Hi, I will take the translation of this document into bahasa:

1) SANGFOR_NGAF_v7.4_Application Control and Web Filtering Configuration Guide
Karolus Thias Lv1Posted 17 Sep 2020 11:30
Hi Sangfor Elsa,

I wanna join translate this document into bahasa:
SANGFOR_IAM_v11.0_How to Perform Pre-Check on the device before upgrade
Apriyanto Lv5Posted 09 Oct 2020 18:45
waw backpack , can i join this event ?

if can , i want to translate this : SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.18_Databases SSO Configuration Guide
cuputraerwin Lv1Posted 20 Oct 2020 16:57
Hi, I want to try translate " sangfor ngaf_v8.0.8_application control_best practice " ... tabase&tid=1792
cuputraerwin Lv1Posted 20 Oct 2020 18:26
Hi, I want to join.

I will try my best to translate "sangfor ngaf 8.08 application control best practice. "