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Sangfor Elsa Posted 27 Mar 2018 15:02

With the fast evolution of the IT industry, all applications, services and devices will be connected through internet with new technologies such as BYOD, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud and so on. This will bring many advantages to businesses in terms of convenience & productivity, however, with tremendous power coming handy, comes also great responsibility in handling Network Security.

Choose the next generation, enterprise firewall protection + Web Application Firewall

Sensitive data such as credit card information, confidential files, etc. are a gold mine for hackers or competitors to earn money. There are currently many examples such as Ransomware, which is growing at an alarming rate with new varieties being developed on a regular basis. Network security and protection is often considered as an additional investment with few benefits but traditional security solutions are too general against the increasing number of vulnerabilities, which often can only protect against the existing vulnerabilities.

At Sangfor, we develop complete & comprehensive firewall solutions with our users in mind by protecting them against all type of threats, no matter if its internal or external, existing or future threats, with an easy-to-use converged security solution. Security should be simple, easy to understand, and deploy as well as operate for the average IT employee. Sangfor’s concept of network security is following four fundamentals points that are at the core of our market strategy as described below.


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Faisal Lv8Posted 21 Aug 2021 07:07
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Osama Muhammad Lv3Posted 16 May 2022 23:01
Nice Information about NGAF