HI , I'm new to the sangfor my current version : AF 8.0.7R2 ,
My customer said that the SSL didnt work ,So I'm checked all the option
in the SSL  and dind found anythings out yet  . .  .  so i'm asking that  a step
to check the ssl vpn connection and make it work again ?

one point : i just look into the SSLVPN>Login Options  and the WebAgent Settings said that my public
203.147.5.xx status Disconnected  >> what does this mean ??

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jetjetd Lv2Posted 08 Aug 2020 20:11
Kindly double check the connectivity of your Web agent address.

To check connectivity of a Web Agent, select a WebAgent and click Test. If the address is correct, the Sangfor device can connect to this WebAgent; otherwise it will fail as shown in the figure below.


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