False Malware Detection

Newbie742886 Posted 07 Jul 2020 21:09

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VirusTotal.com is reporting our VPN software contains malware. This is a false detection.
Sangfor is the only engine detecting this file:
Here is a link to the file:

but I don't see "User > Feedback" near the corner of the page.
Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Newbie280530 Lv3Posted 17 Jul 2020 10:54
For false detection issue, you will need to submit feed back to https://wiki.sec.sangfor.com.cn/login.html?lang=EN-US so that will have corresponding staff to check on the result. After you login to wiki, you should able see the User button on top right corner as screenshot below:
You may try to decrease Zoom on your browser to check whether got the button or not.
Faisal Lv7Posted 09 Sep 2020 20:13
Try to reboot the computer (to refresh it) ...

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