Your antivirus is blocking our anti-cheat program

Newbie028087 Posted 03 Jun 2020 00:30

Good afternoon, Your antivirus is blocking our anti-cheat program (to combat third-party SOFTWARE that gives you an advantage in games in the Counter-Strike series), which works at a low level, consists of the following files:
gameguard.exe (Updater)
gameguard_setup.msi (anti-cheat installer)
acsvc.exe (anti-cheat service)
gg****. exe (launcher, generates a random name, located in a temporary folder)
acdrv.sys (the driver is created and immediately deleted)
steam_api.sys (signed by Valve)
All files are signed by our organization, the driver and Updater are signed with EV3 signature, and the driver is also certified by Microsoft. (site link)
We ask you to make exceptions to our anti-cheat, otherwise, we have to recommend that our users delete your antivirus.

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CTI_kaizhi Lv1Posted 03 Jun 2020 09:59
We apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the result in VirusTotal.

Kindly feedback the false positive result to our portal for us to make changes on our database.

1. You may click the link below

2. Login with the account created on Sangfor community make sure the website you login is

3. After login. Navigate to "User" > "Feedback" at the top right corner and fill in the necessary information.

4. Lastly, submit the feedback form and check the status accordingly.

Note: Usually we will update our database every Tuesday. Please be patience for our team to work on it.
Your understanding is much appreciated.
Newbie791285 Posted 28 Jul 2022 11:56
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