aCloud Health Check Tool - aDeploy V3.0 is Available Now!

Sangfor Elsa Lv4Posted 25 May 2020 16:44

adeploy v3.0 - 0525-02.png

Dear all,

New version of aDeploy 3.0 (version 3.0.18_EN)  has been released on the Sangfor community.
The aDeploy tool is a health check tool for aCloud (HCI). Versions 3.0 and later are publicly released to the partners and customers.

What's New in aDeploy 3.0:

[Smart health check]
Check the health status of the customer's HCI platform to fully ensure the safety and stability of the customer's business.

[The better health check report]
One-click export the health check report as a Word document.

[Patch check]
Automated check the HCI whether missing any necessary patch.

[Configure check]
Automated check the HCI if is there any misconfiguration.

Reorder Network Interfaces tool: If an aServer has inconsistent orders of physical and logical network interfaces, reorder them to gain consistency.
Remove Patch Verification Rules tool: If the upgrade fails due to certain patch installed on SANGFOR HCI, do this to skip verification of patches.
IPMI info collect tool: View system information and hardware components, like the sensor, event logs, etc.
License key info collects tool: Make sure the number of resources satisfies the need for licensing.

Download Link:


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Faisal Lv7Posted 21 Jul 2020 19:42
Thanks for this information ...
Muhammad Bilal Lv4Posted 04 Aug 2020 12:53
Thank you for the information.
MattFauzy Lv1Posted 26 Aug 2020 10:29
Hi, thank you very much for sharing your experience and the solution, really appreciated!
Mike Lee Lv2Posted 06 Mar 2021 12:25
Hi, the link is not available.
Toedpan Posted 03 Jun 2021 00:26
Support OS Windows Version ?
sekyu Lv2Posted 03 Jun 2021 09:06
That's great!!
Saifur Lv3Posted 10 Jun 2021 22:16
Thanks for the info
Renniel Lv1Posted 24 Jun 2021 16:29
Is the link remove? Cant find it on the tools download tab.
Faisal Lv7Posted 03 Jul 2021 14:44
Nice article ...